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            It started around 1991, at the ripe ol’ age of 10 when Cyntrina found her calling. She mixed corn meal, flour, raisins and chocolate milk together to form her own concoction and on a separate occasion used almost a dozen eggs to bake a child’s creative recipe. It was after being left alone in the kitchen, intrigued by the oven and ingredients she’d seen used by those closest to her, that Cyntrina was to become a baker.

            There are four people who influenced Cyntrina; her grandmothers’ Thelma and Cora, her great grandmother Jessie, and her cousin Kathy. Each of these women played a different role in her maturation and growth in the kitchen but all contributed to what is now Cynfull Sweets.

            Although she never saw grandmother Thelma, the magic baker, in action, she vividly recalls tasting the end results. Thelma produced fabulous desserts but her technique and ingredients were kept to herself. She never used a recipe book, but by taking a handful of this and a handful of that she created impeccable desserts that made everyone’s mouth and hearts water. Same goes for grandmom Cora, affectionately known as Mema. Cyntrina’s great grandmother Jessie worked and cooked for families and quite simply could “burn.” Lastly, but certainly not least, Cyntrina has always looked up to her cousin Kathy who was only a few years older. Now, since they are both culinary artist in their own rights, they share recipes.

            “Most people have a sweet tooth, and they want something that feels like home, that’s warm and takes them back to their childhood,” said Cyntrina. And that’s exactly what her desserts do…give customers that good, satisfying feeling of home.

           Welcome to Cynfull Sweets….

Thank yous

I would like to first thank God, my parents, family, friends, and my customers for your support and encouraging words.

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